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Bank Holiday at Wimpole Farm


I am finally out of the house and into the big wide world!  I’ve been feeling a bit like a hermit recently, with 4 university assignments to do, but they’re all handed in now and all I have left of second year is 1 exam!  I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s all gone, this time next year I will have pretty much graduated and then I’ll have to find a job.

As it was such a nice day, I headed out to Wimpole Hall, a National Trust property near my family home, to spend some time with the animals and pretend I owned a farm for a day.  It never gets old!  My parents used to take me and my sister when we were younger and it was great because we could buy a bag of animal food and hand feed the goats and sheep.  They don’t let you do that anymore which is such a shame, either due to health and safety or because the animals were getting too fat.

Either way, here are some photos of my day down the farm!






The hall itself is where our school used to take us on field trips and I will always remember a particularly memorable one where we all had to dress up in Victorian outfits and were then taken to the hall for a day of shadowing the ‘staff’.  We were taught how to properly make beds and what the servant hierarchy was (the butler is the most important).  As well as this, our parents were instructed to send us off with Victorian themed packed lunches so I ended up with a lump of cheese, some bread and an apple, each tied up in baking parchment with string and placed in a basket with a tea towel on top.  It was traumatizing at the time but looking back, it was pretty great!





The geese were very grumpy for some reason, I didn’t stick around to find out why though.



I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these snuggley lambs, the sign on the pen said that they had been abandoned by their naughty sheep mums and had to be kept separate and bottle fed as a result.  I wanted to take all 3 of them home with me.




There’s something about seeing donkeys outside of Christmas that I find really unsettling, they seem really out of place unless they’re carrying a pregnant girl to Jerusalem and then sticking around in a stable to watch the birth.  I’m not sure why this guy is sniffing a pile of poo though.




I didn’t want to stand too close to the fence when photographing this guy, I could just imagine being skewered on his horns and then paraded around the field as a victory prize.



I felt sorry for this black piggy, he reminded me of my boyfriend in the morning when he doesn’t want to get up.  I guess that makes me the pink pig!



I hope you lot had a good bank holiday weekend!

8 thoughts on “Bank Holiday at Wimpole Farm”

      1. This is all I can find on it at the moment but Wimploe’s website will update as it gets closer. Funnily enough I was at Kentwell Hall today, and they do a lot of period stuff, as do Audley End.

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