Long Weekend in Manchester


My boyfriend is at university in Salford so every few weeks I go up to visit him and spend some quality time.  I only have one exam left so have been visiting him more often than usual and last weekend was a special occasion because his rowing team had their varsity race against Manchester University.  It was also the first time I had ever managed to watch one of his races so that made it even more exciting!





Unfortunately they didn’t win but they still had a big blow up at the Marriott that night to celebrate a fantastic year of rowing for the whole team.  There were some hilarious speeches and some prizes, Max won the prize for rower’s rower and also the men’s senior VIII award, proud girlfriend moment!


Max had an exam on the Monday morning so I headed into Manchester and into the flurry of light blue Manchester City football shirts.  It turns out that they had won some big game and were having a procession through the city centre to celebrate, any big football fans out there, I apologise for my lack of knowledge!


It was absolutely boiling outside so I ducked inside Manchester Art Gallery to have a little nose around.


I wanted every single one of these pots.


As well as this crockery set!


These lions guarded the stairs from unwelcome intruders from the South.


There was an exhibition on by Joana Vasconcelos and I had to take a look!  This is True Faith made from handmade woollen crochet, ornaments, polyester and MDF.


This is Big Booby #2, I wasn’t fortunate enough to find Big Booby #1.  It’s made from handmade woollen crochet, industrial knitted fabric, polyester and stainless steel.


This little octapus-esque guy is called Dropping, also by Joana Vasconcelos and is made from ceramic washbasin, handmade woollen crochet, ornaments and polyester.




Entering another room in the gallery, I was greeted by this mammoth construction called Cottonopolis, made from Viuva Lamego hand painted tiles, handmade woollen crochet, fabrics, ornaments, polyester, MDF and iron.





This piece is called Inhale (Yellow) by Michael Craig-Martin.  I love the way that the size of each object has been altered with some magnified and some scaled down.


This is Medusa by Hew Locke and is made from plastic, metal, textile on plywood and MDF.  Inexpensive trinkets have been used to reconstruct the traditional symbol of the Queen’s head.


This guy’s name is Willy and he was created by Sarah Lucas from plastic, tobacco, paper and glue.  If you look closer at him, he is made from lots of Marlborough cigarettes stuck together.  Apparently it reflects Sarah Lucas’ relationship with tobacco after giving up smoking!


In the afternoon, I met back up with Max and we wandered to the Northern Quarter of Manchester (where the cool kids go) and went to the forever busy Almost Famous.  It was deserted!  Normally they have a queue around the corner and you have to wait at least an hour to get in because they don’t take bookings and taste divine.



I chose the Amercana burger because it has blue cheese in it and Max had the Triple Threat burger, we both had the chilli cheese fries.





All in all, it was a really good weekend with good people and even better food!

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