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The Cambridge Chop House


My mum works in the city centre in Cambridge on Tuesdays and whenever possible, I like to go with her to utilise the free ride and have a scan of the shops.  After checking out what the market had to offer (you never quite know what to expect each week), I spent an embarrassing amount of time in Zara feeling like I was having a mild heart attack at how beautiful everything was.


Once mum had finished her classes, we met back up and headed on over to The Cambridge Chop House to see what all the fuss is about.  We also passed this cute little church on the way and I had to get a photo of the roses around the door.





If you want to sit upstairs and have the stunning view of Kings College, you have to book in advance as there are only a few tables.  As we hadn’t planned our visit, we descended down the stairs to the servants quarters (slight exaggeration, it was lovely) and took our seats.


Mum and I couldn’t decide between the smoked salmon or poached duck egg on crumpet so we each ordered one and then shared them.  The poached duck egg came with wilted spinach and tarragon hollandaise and was my favourite out of the two starters.


The smoked salmon came with kohlrabi coleslaw, a slice of lemon and brown bread.  The coleslaw was insanely delicious and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t normally like coleslaw!


Some of us had to share more than others!


For my main course, I ordered minute steak which came with chips, more kohlrabi coleslaw and pink peppercorn sauce in a little gravy boat on the side.



Mum fancied something a bit more homely and went for the Grasmere Farm sausages, buttered mash, cabbage, leeks, peas and wild mushroom sauce.


We had a peer at the dessert menu but nothing took our fancy so we wandered off into the smouldering heat.


On our way back to the car, we ‘accidentally’ stumbled into the Thornton’s shop and were tricked into getting ice cream by the very nice server.


The ice cream was clearly very happy to be rescued.


I dropped mum back home and picked Millie up for a walk in the sunshine.





She’s 9 months old and only learnt how to swim in the past week, she’s got the hang of it now and we think she might have been an otter in a previous life.


Anyone with a dog will tell you that if they’re getting wet, then you’re getting wet too, whether you like it or not.



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