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The Windy City


After finishing at camp, we drove back from Wisconsin to Chicago (getting lost again of course) and settled into the boarding school for one last night.  After deciding that we wanted to go out for a nice meal, we headed out in our little school bus in search of somewhere to eat.  Unfortunately, all we could find were White Castle and Wendy’s so the idea of a nice meal went out of the window and pure carnivorism kicked in.

The next day, we set our alarms to make sure that we would be awake for the school Dean to drop us off at the train station.  We hopped on the overcrowded train and made our way into downtown Chicago, saying goodbye to the boys on the way as they were getting a flight that afternoon to LA.




Pow and I checked into our hostel right in the centre of Chicago where we would be spending the night and dropped off our bags.  The hostel was absolutely fantastic, we paid $32 each for the night in an all girls dorm with 6 other women and breakfast included.  I would recommend HI Chicago to anyone on a budget and travelling to Chicago.


We then headed out to meet up with two of the other counsellors who had gone to the train station to drop off their bags in preparation for their 16 hour train ride to New York that evening.


We felt like the bean was as good a place as any to meet up again.



When we had told the kids at camp that we would be going into the centre of Chicago for a bit, they all shrieked at us and told us that we just HAD to go to Navy Pier, so we conceded and that was the next place we wandered off to.








We sat down for a drink and a bite to eat when we got to Navy Pier, there was a fantastic view of the city and it was nice to watch all of the boats go past.


Next, it was shopping, of course!  I wanted to get myself a Mac while I was out there as it’s so much cheaper so after a long chat with my bank on the phone in the store, they finally accepted that I was who I said I was and allowed me to buy it.  We then did the obligatory trip to Victoria’s Secret and some other stores before our tummies were rumbling again and we went in search of real Chicago pizza.


We stuffed our faces with pizza and then decided it was time to go up the Willis Tower (or the Sears Tower as it’s also known), a 108-story, 1,451-foot skyscraper.


I couldn’t resist a quick selfie on the sky deck which is a glass box sticking out from the tower which you can stand (or lay down) in.




The views were fantastic over the city and it was a lovely place for us to end our 9 week adventure and say goodbye before we went our separate ways.

3 thoughts on “The Windy City”

  1. Glad you had a good time!
    One of my favorite parts of Chicago (in summer) is the beach in the middle of downtown, just across the road.

    It’s not near as nice in winter though.

    1. Unfortunately we were only there for the day so didn’t make it to the beach! If I go back I’ll definitely put it on the top of my to do list, along with the free zoo! 🙂 x

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