Autumn Wish List

autumn wishlist final

As I’m writing this, the sun is shining in through my window and I’m struggling with the fact that this is an “Autumn” wish list.  We have had such lovely weather recently and I really can’t believe that it’s nearly halfway through September!  Maybe I brought the good weather back with me from America and Canada.  I’ve never written a wish list on here before so if it goes well, maybe I’ll write some more!  A quick message to friends and family, this isn’t a hint about the gifts I want you to shower me with (wait for my Christmas wish list for that), it’s more of a reminder for me of things I have seen and must have in my life!

The pheasant cushion from Dunelm Mill and the honey & spice Yankee Candle are definitely taking on the autumnal theme the most with their gorgeous red hues and although I have a lovely Armani watch that I got for my 18th birthday, gold chunky watches are really growing on me and this one from River Island is an absolute steal at £30!  Ten points to whoever can guess what my favourite colour is!

1.  Mary Berry Cake Tins

2.  Painted Pheasant Cushion

3.  White All Star Oxford Trainers

4.  Diamond Stitch Snood

5.  New Emily Bling Rose Gold Watch

6.  Navy Animal Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress

7.  Yankee Candle Honey & Spice

8.  Dusky Blue Frill Sock

9.  Royal Albert Polka Rose Cup & Saucer

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