M&S Japanese Sirloin Steak with Wasabi Mayo

 I love a challenge and I also love to try new combinations and cultures when it comes to food so when M&S came up with the #CookStyleSnap competition, I was all for giving it a go!  The idea was to cook the Japanese sirloin steak recipe, style the food to make it look mouthwatering and photogenic, and then snap it and share it on social media along with the #CookStyleSnap hashtag.

I think marketing methods like these work really well, I’m a big fan of companies using social media to get their products or new ranges out there to the consumer!


If you want to make this recipe at home, the ingredients involve a bit of a scavenger hunt and a few quizzical looks from shop assistants when you ask for “kewpie mayonnaise” but it’s definitely worth the effort as it tastes fantastic.  I doubled the recipe because I was cooking it for myself and my mum for dinner and 1 steak is definitely not enough meat for the two of us to share (we’re pretty carnivorous).


You will need –

4 tsp wasabi paste

2 sirloin steaks

2 tsp Japanese chilli powder

2 packs Baby Pak choi

2 red chillis

6 tbsp Hibachi Japanese steak sauce

10 tbsp Kewpie mayonnaise

4 tsp wasabi peas

1 lime

10 Pak choi leaves


Before you start, juice the limes, slice the red chillies and halve the Baby Pak choi.  Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after you’ve sliced the red chills, nobody wants chilli in their eyes!


Start by crushing the wasabi peas in a pestle and mortar, there is no particularly special way of doing this, just go with what feels the most comfortable.  I’m a jabber rather than a rotator.  Then dust the steak with the chilli powder and a slosh of oil and rub it into the meat.  Stir the wasabi paste and lime juice into the mayonnaise and then set it aside in a small bowl.

P1020301Heat a frying pan over a high heat and then pop the steaks in the pan, you shouldn’t need anymore oil in the pan as you’ve already oiled the steaks.  Cook the steak to your liking and then remove them and put them on a plate out of the way.  Add the pak choi to the pan to gain a little colour, deglaze with the steak sauce, and drop in the chilli.


Arrange the pak choi leaves on a long wooden board.  Slice the beef then arrange the beef and baby pak choi on the board all with a nice drizzle of the glaze covering them.  It’s completely up to you how you arrange it!


Remember with the steak that it’s your decision as to how you want it done.  Personally, I’m a blue steak kind of girl, I like my beef still moo-ing on the plate.  Not everyone is like that though so cook it enough for you to feel comfortable with eating.





Serve your meal with the wasabi mayonnaise and a sprinkle of the crushed wasabi peas.  It’s a great kind of tear and share meal as you can pop it in the middle of the table and then take as much or as little as you fancy.









Please let me know if you give this recipe a go as I’d love to know how you found it!

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