Jess’ 21st Celebrations


For my friend Jess’ 21st birthday, she arranged for us to all go to Cafe Rouge for a lovely meal and general catch up.  We all study the same degree at university and have remained really close in the past couple of years so it will be really strange this time next year when we have to go out into the big wide world by ourselves!




To start, I had watercress, spinach and blue cheese soup and it was so yummy!  I was a bit nervous when it first arrived as it was a bit too green for my liking but the only thing you can really taste is the blue cheese which is great because the way to my heart is through blue cheese.


James seemed a bit quizzical about the night ahead.




For my main course, I ordered the egg pasta parcels with asparagus, peas, lemon butter & watercress and my only complaint is that there weren’t more of them.  They’re served quite ‘al dente’ so if you like your pasta mushy and overcooked, this isn’t the dish for you!


The next thing to arrive on our table was a birthday pancake for Jess and the obligatory public embarrassment that comes with it.


Our lovely waiter, Musrat, came to the table to give us our dessert menus and while we frantically scanned, he told us that if we filled in a customer feedback form online, we would get a free banana and chocolate crepe.  We’re students so I’m sure you can imagine what happened next…



It was such a lovely evening and came in at the bargain price of under £20 each so if you’re a struggling student and who has high food standards, Cafe Rouge is the place for you.  The walk back over Waterloo Bridge wasn’t bad either.


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