War Horse


I am a terrible person.  I saw the film of War Horse before I saw the theatre production.  I’m currently sat at my laptop, hanging my head in shame (but making sure that I look up every so and often to prevent typos).  I’m not a big crier when it comes to movies, I have a labrador but didn’t even shed a tear in Marley and Me.  Seeing War Horse in the cinema, however, had me bawling like a baby and solving world thirst in the process.  How anyone can keep their cool during the scene when Joey is thrashing around in barbed wire is beyond me.

Back to the original point, I’ve been meaning to see War Horse in the theatre ever since I saw the movie and when my grandma came down to London for a day trip, it seemed the perfect opportunity.  I met her in Leicester Square at the TKTS booth where you can get really cheap tickets for same day shows.




We bought our tickets for the matinee performance and then headed off to the Tower of London to see the WW1 poppies (you’re not losing your mind, I did a blog post last week on my visit to the poppies with my other grandma!)



We then popped into Côte Brasserie for a quick bite to eat and both ordered the steak frites which was chargrilled thinly beaten out minute steak with chips and garlic butter and was the perfect amount of food to keep us going through War Horse.

After hunting down a corner shop to buy the obligatory M&Ms and Jelly Babies to hide in my handbag, we headed to the theatre which was on Drury Lane and took our seats for the stunning performance.  I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t already seen it so I won’t go into the storyline but I just cannot get over the ‘puppetry’.  I really don’t want to call it puppetry because I don’t think that word does justice for the ability of the cast to make the horses come to life, seamlessly taking care of everything from ear twitches and tail rustling.  It’s a truly beautiful production and I can’t recommend it enough!


After pulling myself together, we agreed that Loch Fyne, with it’s wonderfully fresh seafood, would be the perfect choice for dinner.



I chose butternut squash soup to start which came with crème fraiche and granary bread.



I could probably live off seafood pretty easily so having the Scottish rope-grown mussels in a white wine & cream sauce was the only way to go for my main course.

After practically licking our plates clean, I walked grandma back to the tube station and gave her a big thank you hug for such a lovely day.  On our way, we walked through Covent Garden and saw this hovering building, I still can’t work out how it works.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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