Five Guys


Ever started lunch with one guy but ended up with five guys?  No, me neither, until this week.  My flatmate, Rob, was talking about an amazing burger place that he was craving and when I said I’d never been, he agreed to take me to see what all the fuss is about.


We agreed to meet there for lunch as I had lectures all morning after traipsing through the rain and the sea of umbrellas, I arrived and took a seat by the window until Rob arrived.



There are heaps of peanuts for you to munch on while you wait for your order.




If you get a regular soft drink, you can go over to the drinks machine which looks a bit like a futuristic teleporting machine and fill your cup with one of the many many options (who even knew there were over 10 kinds of coke?) If that’s not enough for you, there’s also free refills!



The chips are cooked in peanut oils which is much better for you so it takes some of the guilt away.



You have so much free reign with what you choose to have on your burger and all toppings are free.  I chose the bacon cheeseburger and had it ‘all the way’ which meant it came with relish, onions, jalapeño peppers, green peppers, hp sauce, bbq sauce and hot sauce.

What more can a girl wish for.


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