Yamal Alsham, Knightsbridge


I only have a little post for you lovely lot today!  Last week, Dolly and I hopped on a tube after our lectures and headed off to Knightsbridge for a 10 course mezze tasting menu at Yamal Alsham.  We were the only ones in the restaurant apart from the staff which was strange but it’s only just opened up so we put it down to that.  The decor was gorgeous and very in keeping with the Lebanese theme but unfortunately, someone was drilling in the back for most of our meal!


The food was fresh and there was certainly enough of it but there were far too many bread based dishes with a distinct lack of meat and fish which you would expect from Lebanese food.  When we saw the price of the a la carte menu, we were amazed that people payed that much for the food that was on offer.  Judging from how busy the restaurant was though, I don’t think they get much business.


I can’t fault the staff, everyone was very helpful without being too patronising but that may have been because we were the only ones there!



It was lovely to catchup with Dolly but I wouldn’t return to Yamal Alsham, especially at those prices!


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