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A Passage to India


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you will have seen that I have posted a couple of photos while I’ve been in India.  I wanted to treat you to some more and tell you what mum and I have been up to since touching down in Bangalore!


We arrived on Saturday and as a result of some grade A jet lag, we ordered these amazing chicken kathi rolls which consist of slivers of chicken tikka, capsicum and onion tossed in indian masala and rolled in Indian bread.  They were presented so beautifully with radish, carrot and red onion that I couldn’t resist a photo.


The traffic is something that I can’t get over.  There are so many auto-rickshaws and mopeds zooming around and the number of beeps per minute are unimaginable until you experience it!  In England, beeping your horn is usually a sign of irritation at someone cutting you off or a warning for someone to get out of the road but in India, I get the feeling that it’s something that the drivers get caught up in.  It makes me want to buy a bicycle horn and walk around on the pavement beeping it.




And the cows!  I don’t know if there’s some kid of #cowsofinstagram hashtag that I need to get involved with, but they’re everywhere.  They wander around the streets and stop the traffic but of course, the drivers are very considerate of them as Hindus consider their Indian cows as holy and therefore, they are allowed to freely roam the cities.






I think someone had one too many by this point.




We have visited a few temples since arriving but my favourite by far was the Iskcon Sri Radha Krishna Temple on Hare Krishna Hill.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to take any photos but they have some amazing ones on their website here.


We also visited the Bull Temple which is dedicated to Nandi Bull.


There is a huge idol of Nandi Bull inside the temple which is said to have been carved out of a single rock.  The bull has a small iron plate on it’s head which traditionally prevents the bull from growing.



Scaffolding, Indian style.



We went to the Dodda Ganesha Temple which was next door to the Bull Temple but it was closed for afternoon prayers so we weren’t able to go in.


We ran into this guy who was chopping up coconuts to sell to passers by.


We had to get one and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, I’ve tried drinking coconut milk after a baking experiment before and really didn’t like the taste so wasn’t expecting to like this one as much as I did!



I’d seen some of the women in the city wearing these jasmine flowers in their hair and mum told me they were to distract them from the smell on the streets.  We bought one from a lady by the Bull Temple and every time I turned my head, I got a whiff of the heavenly smell.


This divine drink is a lassi and it’s a blend of yoghurt, water and spices and this particular one is sprinkled with pistachios.  I will definitely be recreating one at home as it would make a perfect breakfast drink on the go.  Traditionally, they’re served as an accompaniment to lunch to refresh you in the hot weather.  I’ll finish on a few more photos of some of the yummy things we’ve tried so far.


A crunchy fried prawn nest with hot garlic sauce


Butter chicken curry


Chicken biryani


Residence road death by chocolate


Last but certainly not least, chocolate mousse!

4 thoughts on “A Passage to India”

  1. My mouth is watering! All of the food pics in this post look amazing. I’m so jealous you are in India, I’ve never been but I really want to go, looking forward to seeing some more posts if you are doing some. How long are you there for? The temples look incredible!! X

    1. I’m here for another two weeks but will be in Chennai from Sunday. There will definitely be more posts! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed this post! If you ever get the opportunity to come here, you need to take it, it’s mind blowing! x

  2. I’ve heard many things about the traffic in Indian and I’m always shocked when I see photos, one day I’ll have to see it for myself. The cows! That’s crazy but they always seem to pop up in photos of Indian. I think you’re onto a hashtag there, you should claim it as your own!

    Mmm lots of yummy looking food! I’ve never been a big fan of Indian food, but I imagine it tastes so much better in Indian itself!

    Must admit, the man selling coconuts doesn’t look too happy, probably a good thing you bought a coconut from him haha.

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