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Brunch at the Taj Connemara


While in Chennai, we stayed at the amazing Taj Connemara and I felt that the Sunday brunch deserved its very own blog post.


The tables were adorned with fresh flowers and as much food as could possibly fit on them.  We were absolutely spoilt for choice!





Outside, in the pool area, a grilling station was set up where you could choose from many kinds of fish, kebabs and vegetarian alternatives and see them cooked to perfection in front of your very eyes.


The prawns were fresh, tender and completely smothered in garlic


The kebabs were marinated to perfection


The dessert table was something else, and had me chomping at the bit!


The desserts were so beautifully presented but we were astounded by how many there were and how few people were at brunch.  We asked one of the waiters what happens to all of the leftover food as it must go to waste but he informed us that the hotel works closely with local hospices and charities and the excess food is donated to them, which is lovely!




The also had a station where butter and brownies were added to a pan with a splash of liquor and then plonked down on a plate.  You could then choose your own toppings… what’s not to love!


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