Southbank Christmas Market


My favourite Christmas market in London has to be the one at Southbank and the way it weaves and winds down the Thames.  This year, it’s changed quite a bit.  Many of the stalls have been moved off the main walkway and into a little Santa’s grotto-esque location laden with Christmas trees and fairy lights.  Maybe it’s my imagination and I have a one track mind but there seems to be a lot less nic-nacs and a lot more food which is such a shame because it’s a great place to get some lovely little personal Christmas gifts!


Of course they still have the classic stalls for gingerbread, toffee apples and a cheeky chocolate fondue.


Max and I couldn’t restrain ourselves when we saw a stall selling duck, rocket and caramelised onion burgers with blue cheese as well as chips for under £10!


They were delicious and left our bellies full and our faces happy.


We slowly bimbled along the Thames, stopping off for a Mr Whippy ice-cream and made our way home in the freezing cold, regretting our choice of dessert.



3 thoughts on “Southbank Christmas Market”

  1. I’m quite looking forward to that start of the Christmas markets, the food, the smells, the lights and all the homemade gifts. Perfect. Oh and the chance to buy myself a tree for this year 😀

    ~ K

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