My Old Dutch Pancake House


Things have been pretty quiet on the blogging front recently which has been a result of a combination of the holiday period, way too many university assignments and losing my precious camera (which I have now found again a month later!)  It was so lovely to spend the holidays at home in Cambridgeshire and take a break from London but I’m also very happy to be back in my regular routine again.  Christmas is all about seeing family and friends and enjoying the time together so it was lovely to see everyone as well as open lots of goodies!  I’m not doing a ‘what I got for Christmas’ blog post this year because I’m backed up with posts after losing my camera but if you have a blog and did one then please leave the link in the comments, I love nosing at what other people got!

Back to the nitty gritty and the wonderfulness that is My Old Dutch pancake house!  Last semester, after a lecture (I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to upload this post), Dolly and I headed off to Holborn to find the pancake house that we had heard so much about.  We were in luck because despite a little queue outside, we were informed that it was Monday Madness and you could get any pancake for £5, an absolute bargain when you see the size of them!


Despite my obscene sweet tooth, seeing the smoked salmon pancake with mushrooms and creamy dill sauce on the menu was a complete deal breaker for me.


It was super yummy but I couldn’t finish it all so asked for a doggy bag to take it home for later.



I can see why Dolly was so happy as she went for the banana, nuts and chocolate sauce pancake with a few big dollops of vanilla ice cream, I was so jealous when it arrived and started to regret my savoury sauce, but then I took another bite and harmony returned.


They have pancake houses in Kensington and Chelsea as well as the Holborn branch that we went to and if you go on Monday, remember that pancakes are £5 but there might be a little queue at the door!


2 thoughts on “My Old Dutch Pancake House”

  1. I’ve eaten at the Holborn one, I think the £5 offer is a good deal but loses some of it’s appeal at normal prices.

    It’s fun to have something a little different now and again though (by eating savoury instead of sweet, which is usually the only way I eat pancakes!)

    1. I agree, the normal prices are a bit less appealing! I’d love to try out their waffles as whenever I’m there, someone on a table nearby has them and I have to remind myself to stop drooling!

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