The Maple Leaf


Last year, Max and I stumbled on “a small piece of Canada in the heart of London” and have been pretty obsessed ever since.  Max is half Canadian and loves all things hockey, Molson and moose related (sorry, pretty stereotypical).

The Maple Leaf is a sports bar on a side street near Covent Garden and whenever we’ve been, it’s been fairly quiet but apparently it gets packed on NHL game nights as well as for the Super Bowl and other NFL games.  The background music is a strange mix of Britney and Shania Twain which suited me down to the ground but I’m not sure that Max felt the same way!


The menu is full of Canadian classics including poutine which is melted cheese and beef gravy slathered over chips, sticky wings and mixed grills.


Max opted for a Molson beer and we shared some nachos topped with nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, salsa, jalapeños, soured cream and chilli beef, getting really messy in the process.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 13.01.59



We sat back and relaxed while the Ottawa Senators played the Boston Bruins in the background and I pretended that I knew what I was looking at.


Once the nachos had settled, we ordered a Maple Leaf combo which came with Southern Fried chicken skewers, breaded mushrooms, corn dogs, garlic ciabatta, corn on the cob and onion rings with garlic mayo and HP smokey BBQ sauce on the side.


If you’re looking for somewhere chilled out with no nonsense food and a friendly atmosphere then The Maple Leaf is for you!


After eating our bodyweight in meat and carbs, we rolled out of the booth and made our way to Leicester Square to watch Channing Tatum’s new movie, Foxcatcher, before Orange Wednesdays runs out.  It drained both of us and the ending left us dumbfounded!  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet so go see it and make sure you don’t look up the story beforehand.

4 thoughts on “The Maple Leaf”

  1. I’ve walked past here many times and never stopped in – seeing the food though, it’s definitely on my radar now!

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