Sunrise Breakfast


This is something that I have been wanting to do ever since I read Rosie from The Londoner’s blog post.  As Max had decided to come down to London to visit me for a week, I thought it was finally the perfect opportunity to head to The Heron Tower for breakfast at the Duck and Waffle, 40 floors above London.  We set an alarm and after a restless night’s sleep, the time finally came to throw on some clothes and jump on a bus into the quiet city centre.


It was pretty much empty when we arrived so we took a seat by the window on the east side of the building and barely spoke as we sat and stared out over London.



We watched the sky begin to get lighter and lighter as our table filled up with tea and the tastiest freshly squeezed orange juice.



Max is a bit of a fussy eater so instead of going for the English breakfast and asking them to leave the grilled tomato, field mushroom and Scottish black pudding in the kitchen, he decided to do a little DIY breakfast and chose a pork & herb sausage, organic duroc bacon and sourdough toast from the sides menu.


I’m more conventional and went for the duck ‘n’ waffle which was a crispy leg confit and fried duck egg on a waffle with mustard maple syrup to smother it in.



It was AMAZING and I had to restrain myself from picking up the duck leg with my fingers to ensure that I’d taken off all of the meat.




The staff were so friendly for people who were at work that early in the morning (I wouldn’t be able to do it) and the food and view were well worth getting out of bed for.  I was expecting it to be extortionately expensive but got a happy shock when the bill arrived and I didn’t have to extend the overdraft on my student bank account.  This would be a great present for someone as a birthday treat or even if you’re just looking for something different and out of the ordinary that won’t completely break the bank!



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