Eating Out, London

Beer & Buns


On Tuesday I headed out to meet the girls for dinner at a new pop-up Izakaya near Liverpool Street Station, not really knowing what to expect.  An Izakaya is a Japanese drinking establishment which serves food to accompany drinks, rather than the other way round, which is something a bit different for me as I’m more of a food gal (if you hadn’t already guessed).

Beer & Buns can be found above K10 and after walking up the stairs and past the chalkboard walls covered in doodles and names, you are greeted with the most welcoming staff I have ever come across and foosball tables galore!


We sat down on our picnic bench and after looking at the menu, decided to get a bit of everything!


I’ve never had a ‘Hirata’ bun before and I’m devastated that it took me so long as the soft, pillow-like steamed buns melted in your mouth and didn’t take away from the gorgeous flavours inside.


It was buy one get one free as we visited on a Tuesday so got two of everything.  My two favourite buns were easily the Beer & Buns Signature bun which had a filling of chicken karaage with Japanese yuzu koshu slaw and the chashu pork belly with braised red cabbage and mustard mayonnaise.



As per usual, the food came out and there was a flurry of cameras to capture the buns before they went cold.


Some were greedier than others (not sure if I’m sniffing it or eating it here).


Next to come out were the premium jumbo chicken wings which had been marinated then triple fried to crisp perfection.  Again, we ordered all three flavours (you have to be thorough) but my favourite had to be the tebasake soy garlic wings.





Thank you so much to the lovely staff of Beer & Buns for having us and treating us so well!  They’ll be around until the end of July but I reckon if we all go every day, then they’ll have such good business and will have to stay open for ever!

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