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Big Easy

P1030936I’ve been slaving away at my dissertation recently and have decided to reward myself with a naughty little blog post.  My mum popped down to London for a conference and managed to squeeze me in to her hectic schedule for carbs and seafood, my absolute favourite!  We headed on over to Big Easy in Covent Garden which is fab if you are feeling a bit spontaneous as they don’t take bookings during the week and you just have to show up and hope for the best! We obviously crossed our fingers hard enough as when we arrived, they managed to find us a little table for two among the hustle and bustle of the working Londoners who had come for an after work lobster or two.

P1030916To start, we shared the Grand Appetizer Platter for two which was a messy array of Voodoo Chicken Wings, Pit-Smoked Bar.B.Q Wings, Hush Puppies, Calamari and Deep Fried Jumbo Shrimp, with lots of sauce and lemon to drizzle on top.  It was perfect if you’re a bit indecisive and get bored of your food very easily like me!


We then decided on the Lobster Fest which is served every day from noon until closing, and you can get a whole fresh lobster or lobster roll which is served with fries, house salad, and a choice of either a slushy cocktail or an ice cold schooner of craft lager or ale.  We went for the whole fresh lobster and mum let me have dibs on the drink so I chose a slushy cocktail.




The slushy cocktail was good, but nothing special unfortunately!  It did give me a mega brain freeze though so maybe my taste buds were frozen after that.


When we ordered the Lobster Fest to share, the waiter told us that he didn’t think it would be enough for the two of us but we knew that we would have to make sure there was some space left for dessert…


We weren’t disappointed!  I had the waffle with ice cream and hot chocolate sauce while my mum went for the apple cinnamon and asked for a cheeky dollop of ice cream on top.


They were delicious and the warmness of the waffle contrasted so well with the cold ice cream.


The whole place had such a relaxed atmosphere and the staff were super friendly.  100% going back when my dissertation is handed in!

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