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Pachamama Brunch

P1030988 I try to meet up with the lovely girls from London Bloggers Supper Club once a month and after missing seeing them at The Selkirk opening in Tooting Broadway, I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to gossip and take an unholy number of photos of my food with them again.  Connie suggested Pachamama for brunch as something a bit different from the usual french toast and eggs and after looking at the menu online, I was a little bit apprehensive as I barely recognised anything on there!  I needn’t have worried though! P1030983 I was the last one to arrive and after saying my hellos, i grabbed my camera and went on a little nose around.  The girls had picked the perfect table for natural lighting under a skylight (classic bloggers) but after looking around, I found there were all sorts of nooks and crannies from private alcoves to long banquet tables, perfect if you were planning a birthday and wanted to be away from prying neighbours. P1030985 Distressed doors and heaps of greenery gave the restaurant a rustic yet fresh feel which was perfectly in keeping with the food.  Speaking of food, get your forks at the ready because you’re going to want to reach into the computer screen and grab these beauts! P1030986

P1030988 Our wonderful server Ines gave us tonnes of recommendations and we were clearly very trusting of her as we gave her the reins and ordered all of her choices!  Above is the Cornish seabass with samphire and sweet potato. P1030992 I’m not usually a big aubergine fan but was blown away by the fried aubergine with smoked yoghurt and pecans which was my favourite dish of the day! P1030993 I absolutely love seafood but was a little bit let down by the brown crab and yuca churros but maybe that was my sweet tooth talking. P1030994

P1030998 We also opted for the smoked brisket and plantain hash which was fantastic! P1030999 The pollo frito with tiger’s milk slaw and aioli was also very good and I particularly loved the way it was served on a banana leaf. P1040003 The last dish to appear was the beef short rib porridge which was so much better than it sounds! P1040010 We were treated to a delicious fruit punch on the house which had way too much alcohol in it for a brunch!  All in all it was such a fantastic brunch with amazing service, particularly from Ines and amazing company from the other London Bloggers Supper Club who I will miss a lot now that I have finished my degree and moved out of London!  I’ll definitely be jumping on a train back to London soon though to find out what they’ve all been up to! P1040018

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