Chocolate & Almond Butter Banana Bread

This one is for all those people who are yet to make a lockdown banana bread, or who have so much time on their hands that they’re on their 2nd or 3rd banana bread.  I’m really not judging. I’m going to make a big claim here, but this is absolutely the best banana bread I… Continue reading Chocolate & Almond Butter Banana Bread


Rhubarb Fool

British rhubarb season runs from February until May and while there are countless amazing dessert ideas to use this vibrant, tart ingredient, my favourite is the Rhubarb Fool.  It’s creamy, it’s tangy and it’s beautifully chilled.  Whipped with a light dreamy texture that’s like eating a rhubarb flavoured cloud, you’ve got to try it! Rhubarb… Continue reading Rhubarb Fool


Wild Garlic Pesto

I’m going to call it and say that we are on the edge of Spring now and about to catapult into what will probably be the strangest Summer yet for a lot of us.  I have been seeing the wild garlic spring up for the last few months, their delicate, pointy leaves looking gorgeous scalloped… Continue reading Wild Garlic Pesto

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Whipped Espresso Martini

I'm sure we've all seen the 'Dalgona' coffee making the rounds on Instagram and as someone who hates to miss out on anything, I had to give it a go.  I started by scoffing while watching the video of a girl stirring together instant coffee and sugar and calling it a 'recipe' but once I'd… Continue reading Whipped Espresso Martini


Sourdough Cinnamon Buns

Hello and welcome to big, fluffy PERFECT cinnamon rolls packed with a cinnamon brown sugar filling and covered with a vanilla cream cheese glaze that drips into the middle and soaks every single bite.  Following on from my previous post about using sourdough starter discard to make pizza dough, I decided it was time to… Continue reading Sourdough Cinnamon Buns


Sourdough Pizza Crust

Since lockdown, I have gotten really into sourdough baking again.  I had been dabbling previously but the sudden ability to have hours and hours on end with nothing to do other than pet the dog and fold dough (with thorough hand washing in between of course) has meant that I've actually been able to give… Continue reading Sourdough Pizza Crust


White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies

If you are after some ridiculously thick and chewy cookies that are loaded with white chocolate chunks and free-dried raspberries, then look no further! Max and I have been spending an unholy amount of money on the Sainsbury's Taste the Difference version of these cookies (these ones to be precise if you're not a baker… Continue reading White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookies


Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars

So, it's been a really long time since I last posted on here.  I'm a bad little blogger and I'm very sorry but I'm hoping that the absolute deliciousness of these cookie bars will make up for my failures.  It's been a manic few months, I've graduated university, started my career, had my 21st birthday… Continue reading Loaded M&M Oreo Cookie Bars


Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring

You will need - 3 slices of bacon, cut in half crosswise 1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp of milk 4 eggs, slightly beaten Salt and pepper, if desired1/4 cup of chopped red pepper1 can of Jus Rol croissants1/2 cup of Cheddar cheese1/2 cup of Red Leicester cheese(you can also use some fresh cilantro and some salsa if that's your cup of… Continue reading Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring


Maple and Chocolate Chip Puffins

Puffins, or pancake muffins, are a delicious little mouthful of breakfast happiness.  Whenever I make pancakes at home, I find myself amazed at the speed that they can be wolfed down at and can never keep up with the insatiable demand.   Sometimes it's nice to break away from the tedious repetitiveness of porridge or… Continue reading Maple and Chocolate Chip Puffins