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Camp Comes to Cambridge

I was lucky enough to have a cheeky little visitor last week in the form of Jen, who I met at the camp I worked at over the summer.  She lives in Oxford so all she had to do was jump on the X5 bus and then fall into my awaiting, outstretched arms. While we… Continue reading Camp Comes to Cambridge

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The Windy City

After finishing at camp, we drove back from Wisconsin to Chicago (getting lost again of course) and settled into the boarding school for one last night.  After deciding that we wanted to go out for a nice meal, we headed out in our little school bus in search of somewhere to eat.  Unfortunately, all we could… Continue reading The Windy City

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Camp America

So I realise that things have been incredibly quiet over the past 3 months of summer from the blogging front, sorry about that!  I have been doing something called Camp America which some of you will be very familiar with and others, not so much.  It is a scheme to get people in touch with… Continue reading Camp America