Christmas Afternoon Tea at The Colonnade Hotel


I’m so sorry that I’ve been so quiet recently, I’ve been really poorly since getting back from India but with the help of antibiotics and lots of sleep, I’m basically back to normal!  What better way to celebrate than by going for a Christmas themed afternoon tea (my absolute favourite thing ever) and eat my body weight in cake.  Tara and I met at Warwick Avenue and headed into The Colonnade Hotel which was like a shiny Christmas beacon in the middle of a rainy grey London.  After winding our way around the cosy interior and down to the modern dining room, we took a seat in the corner and began nattering away.


It didn’t take long until this monstrosity was brought out and we both silently thanked our lucky stars that we were wearing baggy clothes.


There were tiny little desserts including carrot cake, macaroons and eclairs.


Unlimited tea which made Tara a happy chappy.


What more could you want than a sandwich in the shape of a Christmas tree to get you in the Christmas spirit.


The only thing I was disappointed with were the scones which were rock solid!


It was great to finally get out of the flat and eat some proper food while having a good gossip about everything that’s been going on!


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